Woodward Residence

As our office and showroom, we thought it would be a good idea to update the kitchen and living area of this BRES home, which was originally built in 1988. After gutting the kitchen down to the studs, we saw just how well our vapor barrier performs over time. The stud cavities were pristine, with no evidence of moisture or condensation. In short, they looked like the day they went in.
Keeping conditioned air in and unconditioned air out is one of BRES’s cardinal principles and it’s great to see how well our building techniques achieve this goal. In addition to keeping your home comfortable and efficient, controlling moisture keeps damaging water out of key structural areas — and it’s another reason why we can say that your BRES home will last 200 years + with routine maintenance.
The exquisite cherry cabinets were created by Dennis Crawford, our long-time cabinet man. The wide bar was created by Rockstar Marble and was designed to be the perfect surface for laying on a serious shrimp boil.