Chapter 23 – Sharing the green message with a younger generation

Chapter 23 – Sharing the green message with a younger generation

People often ask why I am so committed to living a “green” lifestyle when there’s only me, one me, and my dog in my household.  The truth as I see it is that what I do makes a BIG difference for the generations behind me.  I believe that because it is in my power to build a net zero carbon emission house, I must do so and thereby I leave a legacy to my nieces and nephews, to all young people, who will have big decisions and sacrifices to make in their lives because of many of the things my generation and my parents’ generation chose to do.

With that in mind, I opened up my home today to a group of students from Christ School.  Brian Martin brought the group to see first hand a home dedicated to living as wisely as possible when it comes to reduced energy usage, site sustainability and storm water management, and reduced water usage.  They discussed the many systems in the house, especially the heat recovery ventilator, since the house is so tight you must get fresh air in but in a controlled environment, not through infiltration!  They discussed the geothermal heat pump and it’s energy efficiency using the well water.  They learned about the heat pump water heater and its many benefits and cost savings.  They examined the roof and driveway drainage systems that feed the rain garden/retention pond. They were clearly awed by the sunlight streaming throughout the house and by the natural setting that we protected every step of the way.

I am so happy to share this knowledge and this application of green living with these young men.  They are our future and I’m hoping maybe one of them will be forever changed with this experience.  Maybe it will even lead one of them to a career in engineering to create the next generation of products and systems in our homes.

Today reminded me of a quote from Helen Keller: “Each day comes to me with both hands full of possibilities.”  These young people have so much to look forward to and with their quality education, they will be in an even better position to protect our planet home for another generation.

Next week I hope to have some landscaping and exterior photographs to share.  They are working fast and furious!

Mignon Durham is a retired computer consultant, avid art and craft collector, founder of Toe River Project Access, and founder of Toe River Valley Watch. She has always been fascinated with what makes a place feel like home, and she hopes this blog will enlighten your own personal journey home.