Chapter 20 – We have a CO!

Chapter 20 – We have a CO!

For those of you who have never built a house, getting a CO (Certificate of Occupancy) is the final step for the building contractor….and the green light for the homeowner to move in!  Well, we got all inspections passed on Friday, Oct 4.  That is date I will long remember. This project has been all consuming for me and for the Blue Ridge Energy Systems crew.  They have delivered my dream home even earlier than had been expected!  How many of you who have built a home can say that?!

I have had remarkable help from Randy Redrick getting art objects moved, garden sculpture installed, and with other innumerable details big and small.  Randy, thank you…words are inadequate for how much I appreciate your cheerful and able help.

Robin, Andy and I slaved all day Saturday buffing and waxing the concrete floors and sealing the outside patio and front entrance with non-skid sealer.  Don’t want any slips when it’s wet!  The floors sparkle and I am thrilled with having concrete flooring.  No carpet ever again!!  Thankfully, Robin’s daughter Millicent knew what we were up to and she cooked dinner for us…and provided wine to help soothe the aching back. Thank you, Millicent, from the bottom of my heart.

Personal Touch Movers made the move as painless as it could be.  Moving is always stressful but they got everything in the new house with no breakage and with lots of laughter and smiles.  I would highly recommend you contact Glen anytime you need to move anything.

And how do you adequately thank friend Linda Kane who brought chili, bread and brownies to all of us for lunch on moving day?  That’s a good friend indeed!!

I give myself high marks for figuring out how to assemble garage shelving systems.  I never did that at my prior home and the garage always looked a bit “messy.”  For those of you who know me, I even hung art in my garage so having a mess doesn’t suit me at all.  The new garage is much better!  Now if I can only figure out how to assemble the log rack for the firewood which I will use in the two firepits.

I am happily making beds, putting away books, clothing, and all the “stuff” that one accumulates over the years. Hanging wall art will quickly follow and then I’ll sit back and wait for Parade of Homes.  Please, please come see this future LEED certified, net zero carbon emission home at Greenwood, Asheville’s premier small green community.  Click here for more information and directions to each home but it’s free and open October 12-13 and October 19-20 from noon to five.  You’ll get lots of ideas from seeing these fabulous homes on the tour.  You can also download MyHome Found, an app from iTunes (it’s also free), to help you navigate your way.

I am intentionally not posting photos until after Parade of Homes….no sneak peeking!!  But the one that does accompany this blog was taken in my new garden which is underway.  The sculpture is by Dale Rogers, a sculptor from Massachusetts and it has been artfully installed near Fireglow, a japanese maple, and Hoogendorn hollies.  Sweet, huh?!

Here’s a quote from Anne De Lenclos, French author, courtesan, free thinker and patron of the arts.  It sums up so perfectly how I felt this morning waking up for the first time in my new home:  “Today a new sun rises for me; everything lives, everything is animated, everything seems to speak to me of my passion, everything invites me to cherish it.”  

Mignon Durham is a retired computer consultant, avid art and craft collector, founder of Toe River Project Access, and founder of Toe River Valley Watch. She has always been fascinated with what makes a place feel like home, and she hopes this blog will enlighten your own personal journey home.